Hillary Heart

We show Hillary Heart by …

Helping yourself and others

Encourage and empower

Always try your best

Ready to learn and ask questions

Take care of our environment

New Zealand schools have worked to address bullying for a number of years. While the three schools within our Collegiate share the same vision, and have developed a whole-school approach called ‘Hillary Heart” we also follow best practice by making sure students’ needs are being met at all ages. We understand that strategies to reduce bullying are most effective when they are part of a wider focus on creating a positive climate that is inclusive and supports students to learn.

SEHC character and environment – Hillary heart programme is included in school policies and ethos, leadership practices, classroom curriculum, the physical environment and support systems.

SEHC Curriculum, teaching and learning – We understand that when a child struggles with reading, we teach them a strategy to help them succeed. With behaviour management we follow the same educational approach. You teach through curriculum the expected behaviours.

Community connections – Connections with parents and caregivers, education and health agencies and community groups continued to be structured in order to support honest relationships with students, whanau and colleagues, which allow respect and trust to grow.