English at Sir Edmund Hillary Middle School encompasses the teaching and learning of; oral, written, and visual forms of the language.
Reading and writing are integrated with connective links to all curriculum areas.

Programmes will:

  • Reflect the culture and needs of the children.
  • Allow for learning and teaching of the key competencies.
  • Be purposeful and meaningful to enable all students to experience success in literacy.
  • Be adaptive and relevant.
  • Provide ongoing assessment practices to enhance learning for the students.
  • Reflect current and effective literacy practice.

Knowledge, skills and experience can be gained as students:

  • Engage with, and enjoy language in all its varieties.
  • Learn to understand, respond to, and use oral, written and visual language effectively in a range of contexts.
  • Learn collaboratively and co-operatively.
  • Listen to and accept the responses of others, and respond to them in an appropriate manner.
  • Learn independently, and make appropriate choices from independent activities available.
  • Take leadership roles in the classroom as appropriate.
  • Access appropriate literacy resources as required.
  • Set personal English learning goals and plan a learning pathway.
  • Confidently explain what they are learning.
  • Discuss their learning and share their knowledge with others.
  • Reflect on their learning and consider next steps.
  • Participate in self and peer assessment.