Middle School Mana


There are 16 ‘value habits’ that we in the middle school use. These are taught alongside the Key Competencies. This will be the foundation for how we in the middle school will act and learn in and out of the classrooms and around the collegiate. This is what middle school call ‘middle school mana’.

Each term 3-4 habits will become the main focus integrated into the school daily programmes. The ‘value habits’ chosen by our students and whanau are Excellence, Respect and Whanaungatanga.

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate students will be encouraged to value:

  • excellence by having high expectations and persevering in the face of difficulty.
  • whanaungatanga by working with all for a common good of cultures, languages and the environment.
  • respect which involves equity and integrity for self and others

We will show these values in our school by:

Excellence Whanaungatanga Respect
Perseverance Love Encouragement
Reliability Kindness Trustworthiness
Courage Friendship Helpfulness
Responsibility Caring Confidence
Patience Generosity Humility
Unity Honesty
Cooperation Tolerance


The Habits of Mind, Value Habits and Key Competencies are what gives Middle School a special character. This is what we call ‘Middle School Mana’. Celebrating Middle School mana is done on a daily basis….’all day every day’

Peter Hillary on the Hillary House and Middle School Mana

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