Social Science

Social Science

The Social Sciences learning area is about how people participate in society and how society operates. It has significance for people in their everyday interactions as citizens and members of communities in New Zealand and the world.

Through the Social Sciences, students engage critically with issues in society. They gain skills, knowledge and experience that help them to understand, participate in, and contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

At Sir Edmund Hillary Middle School the expected outcomes of the Social Sciences programmes focuses on the development of the action learning approach and questioning skills in authentic learning situations. We are continuing to develop a whole school approach to integrate learning in a cohesive manner.

Through Social Sciences we aim to:

  • Build on the Action Learning process through guided inquiry into broader issues relating back to how we can make a difference to the world we live in.
  • Develop student abilities to undertake an in-depth inquiry


Start Dates - 2020

Collegiate Enrolments/Course selections

  • Begins - Wednesday 22nd January, 2020


  • Classes start on Tuesday 28th January, 2020


  • Classes start on Tuesday 28th January, 2020


  • THURSDAY 23 JANUARY, 2020 - 8.30-3.00pm - Year 12 & Year 13 Prefects onsite for Student Leadership Training
  • WEDNESDAY 29 JANUARY, 2020  - 9.00am - Year 9 to attend
  • THURSDAY 3O JANUARY, 2020 - 9.00-11.00am - Year 10 Course confirmation in the hall, 10.00-11.00am - Year 11 Course confirmation in the hall, 11.00-11.20am - Year 12 Course confirmation in the hall, 11.30-12.30pm - Year 13 Course confirmation in the hall
  • FRIDAY 31 JANUARY, 2020 - Normal school timetable begins for all Year levels