Strategic Documents

We believe Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate students are:

Nurtured by a culture of respect, inspired by teaching, empowered by learning to be global lifelong achievers

We value: 

Respect – integrity for self and others. Students will show this in the way they speak and act with each other so learning is not interrupted.

Whanaungatanga – working together with everyone. The way the students work, play and move around together inside and outside the classrooms will show this.

Excellence – showing perseverance in the face of difficulty and challenges. Students will display this in their school work, the way they wear their uniform and the pride they show in the school by using Middle School Mana and Hillary Heart.

Collegiate Charter 2023

Read the 2023 SEHC Charter & Action Plan HERE

Annual Report 2022

Read the 2022 SEHC Annual Report HERE

Policies & Procedures

The Collegiate has sort the services of SchoolDocs to manage our policies and procedures. The site is organised into Policy topics. Policies are reviewed on a 3 year schedule. Some reviews are done by the Board (B), most are done by the Board & Staff (B-S) and some by the Board, Staff & Parents (B-S-P). You are encouraged to give general feedback using the “Send Feedback” button on each topic. This feedback will then be sent to the Principal.

You are invited to log into our SchoolDocs site and explore the policies online. Your reviews and feedback are valuable, and it’s important to be familiar with our Collegiate policies and procedures.

To get onto the SchoolDocs website click here: and enter the following information

Username: sehc
Password: hillary