Welcome to Geography at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, Senior School!

Geography will help you to better see, understand and appreciate the world in which we live. It may even lead you to taking action to make sure we all have a better future and ‘sustainable’ world to live in. Geography is around us every day of our lives; locally, nationally and globally.

There are opportunities to continue Geographical studies in the future if you choose. There are an increasing variety of university and other tertiary institute courses which have a geographical focus or a geography related theme (e.g. civil engineering, town planning, tourism, environmental science, geology, weather reporting and resource management) as well as in the field of geography itself.

Geography can be of use and value in a wide range of career areas: ask your social studies teacher or geography teacher or the careers advisor about these if you want more information.

I look forward to working with you!

Dr. Wiliam Howie

HOD Geography

Course Information

Course offering senior levels Description
Geography 101 The purpose of this course is to build (1) an understanding that natural and cultural environments have particular characteristics and how environments are shaped by processes that create spatial patterns; and (2) an understanding of how people interact with natural and cultural environments and that this interaction has consequences.
Geography 201 The purpose of this course is to build (1) an understanding of how the processes that shape natural and cultural environments change over time, vary in scale and from place to place, and create spatial patterns; and (2) an understanding of how people’s perceptions of and interactions with natural and cultural environments differ and change over time.
Geography 301 The purpose of this course is to build (1) an understanding of how interacting processes shape natural and cultural environments, occur at different rates and on different scales, and create spatial variations; and (2) an understanding of how people’s diverse values and perceptions influence the environmental, social, and economic decisions and responses that they make.

Extra Curricula opportunities:

  • Field trips
  • Local suburb excursions (Geography 101)
  • Local city excursions (Geography 201)
  • Nationwide excursions (Geography 301)

Career Pathways with Geography

  • Civil Engineering
  • Tourism
  • Town Planning
  • GIS
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Resource Management
  • Sustainable Consultation


Geography is an University Accredited Subject for Academic pathways – e.g. Civil Engineering and Environmental Law.





Year 9 classes and year 10 classes had the opportunity to use the Blake Trust Virtual Reality devices which focus on our marine environment.
The kids enjoyed it and learnt that only 0.67% of our marine area is protected.
Hopefully this will inspire some of our future environmental leaders.