Leadership Programmes

Student leadership programmes are in an integral part of the life at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate. Students are selected for, or have an opportunity to join and participate in a range of enhancement opportunities. We are very fortunate to partner with many organisations which include: The Rising Foundation, ATWC, YWCA, Bluelight, Mates mentoring, Outward Bound, Spirit of Adventure to name but a few.

Bluelight Life skills – Coordinator: Mrs K. Taranaki

This programme focuses on leadership training, practical skills, respect, teamwork, self-confidence and leaderless tasks. After the conclusion of the camp, the role of the referrer becomes critical. Together with Bluelight, the referrer works with the participant providing support linking the young person into future opportunities. Target year level – 11 and 12

LEO’s – Coordinator: Mr B. Grounds

Leadership Experience Opportunity. ( LEO ) Supported by Lions International.

Inviting students to plan, initiate and complete service in the needy community for no monetary reward.

Target year Level

Yr 8 – 13

“Leos to Lions”

YWCA – Coordinator: Ms. C. Doherty

The YWCA Future Leaders programme is an individualised leadership programme providing young women with skills development, new experiences and opportunities to support them in achieving their goals, the programme is for four years. YWCA Programme Facilitators are dedicated to coordinating and supporting the students on the programme. Facilitators work through themes, which are created to build their confidence and leadership skills. Each student is given an opportunity to attend a self-development leadership camp of up to 2 nights per year. Our vision is to empower young women to become capable and confident leaders in society, acting as role models for other young people and taking their leadership skills back into their homes and communities.

ATWC Camp 2019: Coordinator: Peter Mata